BURUANGA is a town that rest on the North-western tip of Panay Island. A peaceful town with 20,000 inhabitants. The place is blessed with nature’s abundance that nurtured the Buruanganons with its  mountains endowed with rich flora and fauna; the lowland fields complemented with rivers and fertile lands; the vast China Sea with rich biodiversity and the coastal areas with awesome beaches and coves.

The perfect blending of nature  and its people, Buruanga is emerging to create its own identify of beauty and treasure essential for Tourism Development that further inspired the celebration of blissfulness and pride of its culture and heritage. PANAGAT festivity features the primitive and modern lives of Buruanganons by showcasting the various fishing activities.

PANAGAT is vernacular term derived from the prefix “pa” which means “to” or “pan” that connotes “for” and “agat” extracted from the root word “dagat” which means sea. PANAGAT is a gerund form that means to go fishing in the sea.

 The realization of PANAGAT FESTIVAL was given birth in conjunction with the Municipal and Devotional Fiesta Celebration on May 06-08, 2012 paying veneration and Honor to our Blessed Mother, our Patroness Nuestra Señora de Salvacion for Her Intercession in the countless blessings bestowed on us and to the Municipality. This was supported by Municipal Ordinance No. 11-12, an ordinance declaring May 06-08, 2012 and therafter a PANAGAT FESTIVAL in collaboration with the feast of Nuestra Señora de Salvacion in the Municipality of Buruanga, Aklan.

The festival will have a Higante or a giant Panagat Figure, “Bugsay sa Dalan” Festival Dance Contest, “Bugal it Buruanga” Product Showcase and to be graced by the “Mutya it Buruanga” as significant Events in the Celebration. This is to encourage every Buruanganon to flaunt their artistic creativeness, and to instil in our hearts especially to the young ones how to appreciate our culture and deepen our appreciation of our abundant natural resources. Moreover, this activity will provide entertainment to visitors and camaraderie and unity for all Buruanganons.

 The said contest is a must requirement for the 15 Barangays, anchored in Tourism Promotion for Buruanga as another emerging Tourist Destination in the Province of Aklan. The participation of very Barangay is the utmost key for the success of this event. The theme will focus in the creativeness and unique presentations of various Fishing Activities featured in the parade of Higante or Panagat Figures while portraying the realistic everyday life through their Festival Dances.

 These worth remembering scenarios are intended to entertain our visitors, guests, spectators and Balikbayans while raising awareness and pride among our constituents on the richness of our culture and heritage as Buruanganons.