Buruanga with unique characteristics of amazing and captivating natural tourist attractions, allure the minds of its visitors to explore its mountains, caves, coves, beaches, rivers, waterfalls and seafloors.  Vantage views in mountain tops showcase the spectacular scenic panorama to its beholder.     The natural tourist attraction in Buruanga is a complete fusion of sun and beach, highlands and mountains, seas and water sports, faith and nature.


Hinugtan is the most popular destination in Buruanga suited for tourist activities categorized as Sun and Beach by the DOT. Nestled in lush green forest and coastal vegetation, towering cliffs and limestone formations, the area is perfect for  beach activities like sun bathing, beach volleyball, swimming, snorkeling, and kayak paddle boating.  Blended by its exotic and nature based features, fresh air, crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and diverse marine resources,


Located next to Hinugtan beach, another potential area for tourism investments. The area is characterized by its multi-level terrain, limestone formations, lush green forest, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and coral reefs.  Multimillion investors like the Tuburan Cove, Tuburan Baybay, Ocean Park and Batason Point the area is a promising extraordinary tourism haven in this part of Buruanga. 


The area is envision by the local government to become the premier tourism hub of the municipality.  The presence of multi-national investors is an indication of massive tourism development in the near future.  The San Miguel Corporation, Vita-C Corporation, Bel-is Corporation and 5-Guys Corporation all unique in their own respective concept and marketing strategies will transform the place into a tourism metropolis with global standard and world-class amenities. The local government is working double time to compliment the development by providing infrastructure support projects like the construction of access road connecting Malay and Barangay Bel-is; water and power supply and internet connectivity.  This will facilitate faster and easier communications and reduce the cost of handling and transfers of construction materials and other essentials goods and services to the area. 

Tourism district will stretch from Nasog to Bel-is proper.  This will bring sustainable economic benefit to the municipality in terms of government revenues and local employment.  It will create demand and supply of goods and services that will benefit sustainable economy for various sectors in the municipality.  


Known for its cooling temperature, Sapsapon is a nature village perfect for eco-tourism and home for the famous Hacienda Maria.  Endemic plants and animals find its comfort zone in this unique habitat and well-balanced ecosystem

complimented with its fertile soil, caves and waterfalls.  Local settlers in this place grow high value crops and vegetables like cauliflower, bell pepper, lettuce and cucumber. 

Foreign visitors from Russia, China and Korea coming to this area are among the highest recorded tourist arrivals in the municipality.  Eco-adventure like spelunking and cave exploration is the primary activities of the tourists.  Native foods and delicacies are served with freshly harvested vegetables and buko juice.  After the challenging adventures the guests are treated to enjoy swimming in Nakita Falls.  Others are pampered with the energizing dip in the hot pot Jacuzzi. 

To top the memorable adventure and activities is the Filipino Hospitality that make the unique tourism experience complete for the guests and visitors.  After all these are the memories that remains in the minds of our tourists and visitors that makes our tourism unique.  Words of mouth and testimonial reviews are the most effective marketing tool to promote and attract tourists and visitors.


Located along the national road in the coastal barangay of Panilongan, home of Pagatpat Mangrove Park known for its unique ambience blended with the natural beauty of its seascape, century old trees and seafloors.   The native cabanas allows someone to refresh catching the fresh sea breeze and awesome panorama of the majestic seascape and sunset.  The native boardwalk made of bamboo compliments the experience in viewing the small fishes and other marine organisms thriving in the shades of mangrove trees. 


A place for solace and meditation. Surrounded by the quiet simplicity of nature, one can experience an in depth journey that touches the personal faith, spiritual, ecological, cultural and social distinctions of one’s being…  

Ashram is a Hindu term that means to commune with God and nature. It is known for its advocacy in providing a unique refuge for someone who seeks peace of mind and relief for lethargy and spiritual fatigue.  The place is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and retreats. The Balay Pagduaw offers cozy accommodation and comfort.  A self-service facility with conservative amenities like the kitchen, a mini living room and a prayer room to communicate with God through meditation and contemplation. Outdoor is a labyrinth garden maze in a circular path for a praying journey leading to the center that represents Jesus Christ. 


Characterized with mountains and highlands, this place offers a unique experience of stepping in the mountain tops, capturing the panoramic views of blue skies, lush green sceneries, and a dose of fresh air with refreshing breathe of nature scent and the energizing sun. The place is a faith based orchard farm featuring biblical inspired quotes and images.  A combination of faith and farm tourism where the guests can take the opportunity to emerge in spiritual quest. Pick-and-pay selected fruits and veggies add to the thrill and excitement.  Downhill is a fresh crystal clear river that offers a refreshing swim.